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Free PDH Tracking for Professional Engineers and other licensed professionals.  Track, Print, Email, and archive your professional development hours and continuing education units or save your professional license or certification information for state boards or your records.  

This site does not charge any fees for these services and does not sell or share any information entered. This site does not offer PDH training.

Save and archive any training you complete for free. You dont have to be an engineer to use the site.

PDH=Professional Development Hours (i.e. Continuing Educational Training for Professionals)

This site is for those who want to log and save their PDH data from any PDH provider in a single easy to access location with the ability to print reports for filing, save backup copies of entered data, and use the great products of any PDH provider. Save your certificates of training or seminar overview documents. This site consolidates the training you take from all sources into a single reporting system so you dont have to go to each provider and print and combine your training data on their sites and add it to other training that you have taken when you submit for a new license or a license renewal. This site does it for you.
You may also use this site to track other Licence or Certification training hours.

This site does require you to Join (free of charge) in order to use the system. This is required so that we can keep data you enter secure and private. You may enter as much or as little information as you wish to track. Entering your name is not required. Entering a valid email address, or specific license information is not required.

Import data from your spreadsheet or other local tracking file into this site's database using the import/export screen. Use this screen to also send yourself a backup file whenever you want. Click on the "Import Data/Backup" link on the left when logged in to access the import/export screen or click on the "FAQ" link for additional details.

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