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Is the site secure?  Will my data be accessible to others?

Question Is the site secure?  Will my data be accessible to others?
Answer The website employs security methods to protect your data and your privacy.  It also keeps up to date on current software patches to help maintain this level of protection.  The stored data is not encrypted but is also not publicly accessible.  A successful login using your username and password is what unlocks only your directory for your use by the server.  You cant access your data directly but the server knows when a login is successful and uses that login information to store and retrieve your data.

It should also be noted that the data stored on the website does not contain personal information that is not already available by searching for a name or license number on a state PE or licensing boards website.  Even if someone hacked into the system, we do not collect or store any information of a financial or non-public nature so the security of your information is similar to how it currently exists through other public internet PE board and licensing databases.