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Electrical Engineering Calculators and Caculator Sites

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Littlefuse Arc Flash Calculator Quick Arch Flash Energy Calculator with PPE Requirements Summary.
Parallel Resistance Calculator Calculator to determine the total resistance of resistors in parallel. 
PV-Watts Calculate Photovoltaic Array Size and Generating Capacity - pvwatts.  Use government data on specific site installation locations with year round data.
RF Power Conversion Calculator A calculator that converts RF power from decibels to watts and vice versa when determining things like link budget. 
Stepper Motor Calculator A calculator that determines the maximum speed, maximum power dissipation, and minimum time per step of a stepper motor. 
T-Match Impedance Matching Circuits A tool that computes the values that will be used in a T-match Impedance Circuit to allow for maximum power transfer between two points.
Tank Circuit Resonance Calculator A calculator that takes the capacitance and inductance values of a tank circuit to determine the resonant frequency.
Torque Conversion Calculator A tool used to convert between units of torque such as Newton-Meters to foot-pound.
Trace Resistance Calculator A calculator that determines the resistance of a microstrip trace.
Twisted Pair Impedance Calculator Calculates the characteristic impedance of a twisted pair cable.