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CSE - Consulting Specifying Engineer

CSE - Consulting Specifying Engineer
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Date Last Reviewed: 11/09/2015
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ratingratingratingrating 11/09/2015 review by: 13apollo

CSE offers free demand PDH training for engineers and live interactive webinars via email invite. They do not offer in-person training. I have attended multiple FREE training sessions. All have been good and very informative. You just sign up on their website and give them your engineering discipline and they periodically offer free live webcasts via email on a designated day and time. You can also go to their on demand webinar library by clicking on the name link above and attend an on-demand webinar whenever you have time. When you click on the name it makes you fill out a form with your name and email for each free webinar you are taking but once you do that it is indeed free. They have not spammed me or called me as a result of signing up for these. It is a great way to get free training.

ratingratingratingrating 05/26/2015 review by: bharker

They offer free training consistently and it usually has some good content.

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