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New Features Added or Requested

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Preview 932
discipline description entry field bug corrected
13apollo 1 280
Preview 592
New Training Status Page provides detailed list of training status for each license in an easy to read summary format. Click on a license to see more details on its status and if training is up to date.
13apollo 1 492
Preview 374
Add ways to track licenses by state and training category
slugcyclist 6 1,389
Preview 436
Updated the screens to show more data on the screen (cleaner look)
13apollo 1 449
Preview 385
PDH Training totals tracker added to the home page and the PDH Users Zone home page
13apollo 1 497
Preview 252
The graphic showing the current training completed was updated to add a horizontal bar to indicate the last 12 months of training completed.
13apollo 1 745
Preview 225
Automated data entry of carryover from one year to another and added real time PDH totals
13apollo 1 438
Preview 224
Added new feature to allow logged in users to change the Website colors
13apollo 3 556
ocf_topic_modifiers/announcement Preview 207
Notification: New 'Contact-Us' message: DC license?
System 3 705
Preview 196
Show which training providers listed on the ratings page offer Free Training
13apollo 1 577
Preview 24
Save a Photo or PDF with PDH entries.
13apollo 1 663
Preview 23
Describes new features of the site when they are added or features in progress. Requesting new features is encouraged.
13apollo 1 526